Why Diasol?

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Diasol, Inc. is one of four manufacturers of hemodialysis solution in the United States. Diasol also manufactures the “Ultimate Dialysis Chair,” the warm and safe Vizio Blanket, custom On/Off Kits and additives, as well as distributing a complete line of dialysis products and supplies.

Diasol started in California in 1998 and earned a reputation for having excellent products, a caring customer service team, and the best on-time delivery in the industry. Having established itself in the west, President Monica Abeles, opened a hemodialysis acid concentrate and sodium bicarb manufacturing plant for the eastern and southern United States in Nashville, TN.

The team at Diasol has designed several programs aimed at saving time and money. We keep your costs down by pumping-off concentrate and removing empty drums. Our color-coded labels and descriptive product numbers make identifying products and their sodium-, potassium-, calcium-, and magnesium-content foolproof. Our goal was to eradicate any possibility of using the wrong formlation. We don’t stop at patient safety. Our semi-transparent drums allow technician to calcaulate the level of remaining hemodialysis concentrate without having to heave and tilt the 550-pound drum. Customers have reported that this has provided them with time-savings, as inventory can be assessed in a matter of minutes.

CitriSol, citric acid concentrate, is Diasol’s newest addition to it’s hemodialysis solutions offering, and is available in gallons, drums, and dry packages.

Diasol’s private trucking fleet, staffed by well-trained and diligent drivers, not perform pump-off of our hemodialysis concentrates, they have an unsurpassed on-time delivery record. When the Eastern seaboard was hit by Hurricane Sandy, our conscientious drivers made deliveries to some of the hardest hit locations, ensuring that patients never missed a treatment.

As if all this wasn’t enough, we complete the package with our outstanding customer service team. Your representative monitors your orders to make sure they are all received and processed in a timely manner. In the event someone forgets to place an order, they will give you a call to make sure you are never without product. Say goodbye to rush delivery fees!

Diasol, Inc. has had an unprecedented year. With our three strategically-located facilities, a growing product-line, superior customer-service and unsurpassed on-time delivery, Diasol is ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Let us help you help your patients.

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