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The Diasol Difference

Unmatched Customer-Focused Solutions giving you everything you need to provide the best care for your patients.

Corporate Profile

Over 21 years ago, Diasol was founded with a unique ideaology-to generate value for dialysis units and hospitals by shifting their unique burdens to the vendor. We call this effort "Customer-Focused Solutions." The economy is fast changing, and having the lowest price simply doesn’t cut it anymore. The Diasol Team realizes that the ultimate goal of dialysis units and hospitals is not to simply shave off expenses by cutting corners. These organizations are in the business of helping their patients lead energetic lives by treating them with the absolute best care imaginable. Patients expect this from their caregivers, and practitioners must not be limited by time or cost constraints.

Diasol’s Customer-Focused Solutions aim to help practitioners achieve this necessary standard. But how can a vendor pass on great care to dialysis patients when units and hospitals are as varied as each of the patients themselves? The answer lies in Diasol’s strength as a mid-size family-run business. Diasol is not a corporate megalith owned by ever-larger corporations and a flotilla of shareholders. When we need to make a quick change in our manufacturing process or delivery schema, we do not run proposals up a corporate waterfall of paperwork only to have it red-stamped weeks later. On the other hand, over the years, we have cleverly expanded and earned the experience to be able to support any size dialysis unit or hospital located anywhere in the world! The key has been to maintain a perfect balance of flexibility and devotion to customer satisfaction.

Flexibility means that if you have holding tanks and would prefer to have our drivers pump-off concentrate upon delivery instead of taking up valuable technician time, we can do that! Our drivers were among the first in the industry to receive pump-off training. Training that sets the standard because we continuously improve it based on your suggestions. This Customer-Focused Solution generates value for you by allowing technicians to concentrate on maintaining dialysis machines and ensuring proper patient treatment instead of the time-consuming task of monitoring a mixer.

Don’t have a holding tank? Would you like one? Call your Diasol client representative and work together to create a solution that works for you. Every dialysis unit or hospital is different, and we can tailor our service to meet your unique needs. We specialize in customization of every aspect of dialysis, from dialysis chairs to formulations and on to reverse-osmosis machine assembly. Allow your practitioners to get back to the role they were trained for: providing the best care possible for your patients.

Customer Satisfaction holds a special meaning for Diasol. It means never saying “no” when creative ingenuity holds a solution. After hearing dangerous and expensive stories of pumping the wrong formulation into tanks, we took precautionary measures when we began manufacturing acid concentrate: color-coded labels and easy-to-read product codes. These features were the result of valuable round-table discussions with dialysis practitioners. Diasol is not restricted by an IT Department when it comes to labeling our products or choosing packaging. We design these elements to meet your needs, instead of the needs of a computer program designed for a different industry.

Practitioners have uncovered additional benefits from our labeling, including quick inventory calculations, saving time so nurses and technicians can focus on providing care, instead of counting boxes with indecipherable product codes.

Here is a preview of the ways Diasol has helped dialysis units and hospitals increase their standard of care for their patients. To truly understand how Diasol can suit your individual needs, call a representative and start developing a solution together!


  • You can reach a customer service representative anytime between Monday through Friday 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM PST. (And if you need extended service hours, just let us know!)
  • We manage our own fleet of trucks that are capable of delivering to any unit or hospital. Our courteous and punctual drivers are trained in safe pump-off procedures and not limited by any building layout or stock-room requirements. They will never leave product outside in the elements!
  • We maintain a stable inventory in every formulation and will never back-order acid concentrate or bicarbonate.
  • Diasol strives to reduce waste and protect our environment. We will pick up any empty jugs or drums and make sure they are properly cleaned and reused or recycled.
  • Our experts are on hand to provide Acid Concentrate Training Courses.


We are inspired by your comments and suggestions to continuously innovate and improve the dialysis industry as a whole. Together we can increase patient compliance, care, and happiness and make dialysis more pleasant for both patients and staff. We are not satisfied with just being your supplier. We look at our role as a partnership with you to provide the best care to your patients.

Message From Our President

In today's economy, value is the driving force behind sales. But values doesn't simply refer to price. One additional (of many) aspects of generating value is reducing overall operations costs. Getting the smallest number at the bottom of an invoice doesn't always translate to a reduction of costs. If your team spends excessive time dealing with inferior products at the lowest possible price--have you really reduced your costs?

It is our mission as your partner, to work with you to achieve a reduction in total costs. We do that by not only ensuring accurate deliveries, but also be customizing our products and services to help your team. For example, our labeling methods and packaging are specifically designed to save time when it comes to calculating inventory. Gone are the days of dangerously heaving 55-gallon drums or deciphering complex product codes.

We developed these features by listening to your input. We will always need your input for as long as there is room for improvement in the dialysis industry. In other words: always. With your help we will constantly improve and develop new products.

Furthermore, Diasol is committed to protecting the environment. Dialysis is an industry ripe with recycling and reusing opportunities, and Diasol strives to reduce our consumption of green resources at every bend.

Since our drivers are trained in pump-off procedures, we can remove the drums the same time we deliver product. What this means is we'll be saving storage space without any extra effort. We'll be sparing your staff the effort of transporting 550-pound drums to the holding tank area and then the removal and storage of that empty drum. Additionally, when we return the drums to our factory for reconditioning and reprocessing, our efficient cleaning systems make sure we use just what is necessary.

This is just one example of how Diasol works hard to protect the environment. We feel that our efforts to do so generate value--maybe not seen directly in dialysis units, but appreciated by practitioners and patients alike.