Acid Concentrate

The Diasol, Dryasol, and Citrisol lines of Acid Concentrate are designed to accommodate any hemodialysis unit from big to small regardless of patient composition. We offer custom formulations to eliminate on-site spiking and mixing. Our drivers specialize in pump-off and indoor delivery services-just ask!


What sets Diasol apart?
  • Our drivers are trained to pump-off directly into your holding tanks or totes. They will haul away your empty drums each delivery.
  • Diasol customer service representatives monitor your concentrate ordering patterns, making sure you never run out--even if you forget.
  • With the only see-through drums in the industry, color-coded labels and easy-to-read product codes make taking inventory a snap. Stop shaking drums!
Wide Range of Formulations:
  • 35X, 36.83X, and 45X Proportioning
  • Dextrose 100/200
  • Potassium 0-4
  • Calcium 0-3.5
  • Let us handle your custom baths or spikes!
  • Citrisol
Sodium Bicarbonate:
  • Available in 1T, 10T, 12T, and 25T
  • Our BIG BOX minimizes packaging and labor while maximizing storage efficiency. Call a representative and ask how this can save you time, money, and space!
  • 1 gallon liquid gamma radiated for patients' safety
Your One-Stop-Shop:
  • Additives: Potassium Chloride and Calcium Chloride
  • Citric Acid liquid gallons (Available in 2%, 20%, 50% concentrations)
  • Citric Acid powder
  • Acetic Acid/Vinegar
  • Bleach
  • Pellet Salt
  • Peracetic Acid