We carry a full line of testing supplies. From test strips to conductivity solutions to digital safety analyzers. Whether you need to ensure your RO meets AAMI standards, monitor dialysate quality, or guarantee efficient, uninterrupted dialysis unit function, we have everything you need.

Code Name Manufacturer Units Case Qty
812014 Blood Leak Stericheck Hach/Steri 60 per box N/A
811900 Chlorine Reagent test strip Hach/Steri 500 per box N/A
10011 Conductivity Solution 14.0 mil 16 oz. H&S 16oz N/A
10001 Conductivity Solution 14.0 mil 32 oz. H&S 32oz N/A
10031 Conductivity Solution TDS-442-300 32oz H&S 32oz N/A
LT544D20 Digital Safety Analyzer Fluke Each N/A
145300 Hardness test kit 5B Hach Hach Each N/A
811911 Hardness test strip Hach/Steri 300 per box N/A
P08296 Hydrometer 1.00-1.07 LB Novatech Each N/A
6603-1 Hydrometer 1.000-1.22 AC Novatech Each N/A
MYRON D1 Meter Myron L D1 11-15mm Myron Each N/A
MYRON R1 Meter Myron L R01 0-1250pp Myron Each N/A
811906 Peracetic Acid Test Strip Hach/Steri 600 per box N/A
10005 Ph Buffer 10 H&S 16oz N/A
10003 Ph Buffer 4 H&S 16oz N/A
10006 Ph Buffer 7 H&S 16oz N/A
PH20901 Ph Test Strip Integrated 600 per box N/A
2105569 Reagent Free chlorine 10ml Hach 100 per box N/A
2105669 Reagent Total chlorine 10ml Hach 100 per box N/A
14064-49 Reagent Total chlorine 25ml Hach 100 per box N/A
811905 Residual Peroxide Test STrip Hach/Steri 500 per box N/A
811902 Total Chlorine DPD test kit Hach/Steri Each N/A
811903 Total Chlorine DPD test refill pillow Hach/Steri 500 per box N/A
CM202 WaterCheck 2 Total Chlorine Integrated 600 per box N/A