Basic Features:
  • Produces 40 or 80 Gallons of Acid Concentrate
  • Can be used with Diasol Acid Concentrate and CitriSol Concentrate Boxes (20 Gal. Mix/Box)
  • Automatic Water Level Adjustment
  • Timed Mixing
  • Ease of Use Makes Training Simple
  • Digital Checklist Monitors Mixing Operation
  • Fits Through Standard Doors (min. 30” wide)
  • Ergonomic Design Ensures Comfortable Use by Operators of Any Height
    Safety Features:
  • Cleaning Cycle Locked to Prevent Interruption/Tampering
  • Manual/Emergency Override

More Information:
  • Mixer Brochure - Summary of Information about Diasol Mixer (478.0 KB)
Diasol Mixer
Diasol Mixer Mixer Mixer