We pride ourselves in making more custom formulations than any other manufacturer. However, if you're short on space to store our "custom" bath solutions, we will happily provide you with Potassium Chloride and Calcium Chloride "spikes" to generate your own. Our additives come in 0.5mEq and 1mEq packets configured for 3.43 Liter or 3.785 Liter jugs. Please specify size when ordering.

  • Color-coded labels to differentiate products
  • Color coded additive labels included in each box.
  • See-through packaging allows for easy mixing: Add a small quantity of liquid concentrate to the powder bag, mix well, and then pour into concentrate jug.
  • Additives are available for spiking either for 3.43 liters or 3.785 liters.
  • 10 free bags of additives in each box. Lowest price per spike.
  • Dry powder additives have a 3-year expiration date.
Code Additive Amount Series Units per Box
AC2.0 Ascorbic Acid 2.0 grams 45X 260
CC5.7 Calcium Chloride 5.7 grams 45X 170
CC6.3 Calcium Chloride 6.3 grams 45X 170
CC11.3 Calcium Chloride 11.3 grams 45X 145
CC12.5 Calcium Chloride 12.5 grams 45X 120
CC5.1 Calcium Chloride 5.1 grams 36.83X 220
CC10.2 Calcium Chloride 10.2 grams 36.83X 145
CC9.7 Calcium Chloride 9.7 grams 35X 145
PC5.8 Potassium Chloride 5.8 grams 45X 170
PC6.3 Potassium Chloride 6.3 grams 45X 170
PC11.5 Potassium Chloride 11.5 grams 45X 145
PC12.7 Potassium Chloride 12.7 grams 45X 120
PC15.9 Potassium Chloride 15.9 grams 45X 145
PC10.4 Potassium Chloride 10.4 grams 36.83X 145
PC9.8 Potassium Chloride 9.8 grams 35X 145